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ReverseTale is a character change AU, similar to UnderSwap, or StoryShift. This one though, has little logic to it. The logic is similar to UnderSwap, with opposites replacing each other. All of the following replacements are two way.

Frisk Monster Kid
Flowey/Asriel Chara
Toriel Undyne
Napstablook Nice Cream


Sans Catty
Papyrus Bratty
Grilby Doggo
Undyne Toriel


Mad Dummy Muffet
Gerson Burger Pants
Gaster Asgore
Temmie Jerry
River Person Goner Kid
Alphys MTT
MTT Alphys
Muffet Mad Dummy
Asgore Gaster

Please tell me if I am missing anyone.

If anyone wishes to draw these characters, make comics, go ahead. Do not claim the AU as your own, and please leave art in the comments.

Created by DavidDaGaster.

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