RevengeSwap is an AU similar to Aftertale and Underswap. The character personalities are like Underswap, only with an Underfell feeling to them. All the characters in Underswap are present here.

This AU was created by Tumblr user Tealeaves765

About the AU

The human, Chara, reawakens after a long sleep to see things are different. Everyone seems to be more hurt and less welcoming to them, even Asgore. Later, Papyrus explains that Chara has killed all of them, but they're back for revenge. All over, NPC's talk about the actions, Sans, in specific, says, "You know what you did. You know why we're here. You're going to die.".


  • When Sans says, "... You're going to die.", he is not implying that he will kill them, but that someone, most likely Alphys, will kill them, then, he will walk away.
  • Unlike in other Undertale AUs, you are completely unable to make friends with any main character except Undyne.
  • The moment Alphys sees you, you either run or fight, and she will chase you into wherever you're going, Snowdin or Waterfall, if you run.
  • If you repeat a genocide route here, Sans will appear at the end and say, " You hate us all that much? Enough to kill us twice? Mwahaha... You'll regret this on your next run, kid, mark my words...". Implying Sans is knowledgeable about resets.
  • If you go pacifist, instead of Sans, Napstaton will appear and say, "You did good, dude. They know that... They'll love ya when ya return..." And then disappear.

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