Retrotale is an Undertale AU where all characters are replaced with, you guessed it, retro characters (it's more like Papertale, but I've already changed the name twice, forgeddaboutit.)


Flowey is Tippi

Toriel is Nastasia

Sans is Mario

Papyrus is Luigi

Undyne is Bowser

Alphys is Merlon

Mettaton is a Gameboy

Mettaton EX/NEO are R.O.B the Robot

Asgore is Count Bleck

Asriel is Timpani

Chara is Toad

Napstablook is a Boo

The Dummies are Broozers

Muffet is Wario

So Sorry is Waluigi

The Annoying Dog/Toby is Polter Pup

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