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About the AU

The Plot of ResonanceTale revolves around Vibration and Resonance and the main characters of the story and it also revolves around the plot of Monsters making peace withhumans after leaving Mt. Ebott. A Glitch supposedly created a clone known as NegaEcho. Whom is the evil clone of Echo, he came a destroyed RezoCity and most the protectors died fighting him, Chrono!Papyrus fought NegaEcho and used an Amplified Self-Destruct, the attack is an amplified version of self-destruct which is basically a techinque that allows the user to explode taking the enemy down and the user itself.

Half a year later, The City was rebuilt and statues were built in honor of those who saved the city.


Resonance is a type of Energy. A Special Energy created from powerful Vibrations. The Resonance is used to perform special abilties, it is very powerful. Echo Location is even possible but its a very hard skill to master but easy to learn.. In this story, its a complete pacifist timeline, where as Frisk never fought the monsters.

Chara is the one who kills Asgore but fails as they both die due to some odd tremor.

Toriel does teach the human children about resonance but most of them learn a few basics created by Toriel at start and than later create their own of course.

The few such as:

Echo Shout (A very annoying loud shout)

Echolocation(It is a basic but its only hard to master)

Amplification(Allows them to Vibrate their feet to move faster to a certain point)


Main Characters


Frisk (Link Coming Soon)

Toriel (Link Coming Soon)

Temmie(No Link)

Deceased Characters

Chrono!Papyrus (Due to the self destruction.)

Undyne(The captain died because negaecho destroyed her.)

Alphys(Some Explosion caused by Nega.)

Royal Guard Soldiers


Flowey(He died when Toriel accidentally kicked him out of his roots.)


  • Temmie survived because of its invincibility.
  • Echo!Sans got his bionic arm when his arm was obliterated between the fight of him and Nega.


None yet

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