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After So Many Genocide Runs Frisk Kept On Resetting And Her Soul Countiues To Get Filled With Hate And In One Genocide Run Undyne Replaces Papyrus And Trys To Kill The Human Themselves But Undyne Fails And Dies And Flowey Wants Frisk To Stop Resetting So Flowey Replaces Sans And Flowey Absorbs The Human Souls And Trys To Stop Frisk From Doing So Many Genocide Runs And Sans Is In The Kings Room Wating For Frisk To Come In And Flowey Kills Frisk Mutiple Times And So He Decides To Turn Into Asriel Dreemurr To Stop Frisk And So Frisk Kills Asriel And Sans Is The Only One To Protect the humans from frisk killing them all




Asriel Dreemurr



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