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Since the beginning of the monsters, two people have always watched over them : Mercy and Genocide. It was them who decided who lived and who died when the time had come. But they hid a secret. Life and Death should've hate each other, such as the Creator chose, but they had a secret relationship, showing their love for the other when nobody could see them, not even the Almighty. Their love was the most beautiful and strong thing in the world. Everything broke when the Creator decided to introduce humans: Perfect creatures, with superior intelligence and they became more advanced than monsters in technology. A war broke out between the species for unknown reasons, and Mercy was torn from her love, deciding to take the side of human beings as the Almighty decided. Genocide sank into madness, as she thought her soul mate had betrayed her, and she was executed, her powers and herself becoming a little more unstable each day that passed. When humans won the war, the monsters were sealed in the Underground and Mercy learned of the death of her one and only love. She wept day and night, not sleeping, not eating and not taking care of herself either. She died of sadness, drowning in her own tears. Several centuries passed and we are now in year 20XX. Mercy and Genocide were reborn and will soon fall into Mount Ebott, to deliver all monsters. ~Summary
ReincarnationTale (or ReTale) is an AU which revolves around Frisk and Chara, who are the reincarnations of the two gods Mercy and Genocide. They fall one after the other, and they begin their journey as the two last souls needed to break the Barrier, with Flowey, as they uncover their past and dark secrets of the Underground.

About the story

The author of this AU still hasn't put chapters of ReTale on Wattpad. The chapters are currently being written and will probably soon be published.

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