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Redemptale is an AU created by DA user Basile3210, the story takes place in a Post-Genocide timeline where after completing, the True Pacifist Route and the establishment of Monster on the Surface, Frisk just dissapear leaving behind only a single note where she say that she has some things to do and that while she's absent Papyrus would be the ambassador. Also in addition to the 7 UT soul type, there's also a few other souls such as Fear and Hate from Glitchtale


  • Frisk: Possesor of the determination soul, Frisk left the monster with Chara on a redemption quest to forgive themselves for all of theirs sins.
  • Chara: Still kinda a ghost haunting Frisk, she went with Frisk first because she had no other choice, but also because she also want to reddem herself.
  • Flowey: The only along with Sans who knows what Frisk is doing, but promised to Frisk to not tell the other where they are and what they are doing, also promised to Sans to not say anything about what's happening on the monster side so he's just here to help them if they are in a pinch.
  • Sans: He knows about Frisk quest, and made Flowey promise that he wouldn't say a word about what is happening in the town.
  • Papyrus: Don't know anything as always, but he's trying is best to continue Frisk work.
  • Toriel: Same as Papyrus but she still work hard in the school.
  • Asgore: Shortly after the departure of Frisk, he was charged and sentenced to 3 years of prison for the murder of the 7 human child (Chara,Patience,Bravery,Kindness,Justice,Integrity,Perseverance)

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