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Redemptale (or UT: Re) is a recently created AU based on Toby Fox's Undertale. It was created by starphox-art on Tumblr, the story currently being published on .

The Story


  • Instead of Frisk being able to escape the Underground, has their SOUL taken instead by King Asgore. A ceremony takes place several days after the king's victory, which the former queen takes view in, where the king absorbs the 7 SOULs to shatter the Barrier. Despite the tremendous powers of the SOULs combined, King Asgore is unable to shatter the Barrier, but merely crack it. Monsters began to display hysteria over the failure of the original prophecy; the king unfuses from the SOULs and calms the crowd and apologizes for his failure to free them.

Chapter 1

  • A woman leaves her child at the footstep of an orphanage run by three sisters (Phoebe, Delora and Beatrice), and never returns. The sisters take in the child, read the note left with her and learn a little bit more about the child (named Luna). Fast-forwarding several years later, Luna gets locked in a toolshed in the backyard garden and has a dream/premonition of someone telling her to have Hope. It is hinted that Delora has some sort of plan of ill-intent.

Chapter 2

  • Luna learns about the legend of Mount Ebott, and has a dream/premonition of a First Encounter in Snowdin Forest. It fast-forwards again to Phoebe's death and Beatrice assuming the roles/chores of the orphanage meant for Delora. Luna offers her help, which Beatrice accepts. Things seem to normalize until Beatrice's death, where things fall apart.
  • Several of the children form the orphanage run away, each of which Luna gives a colored rose from the garden. With each rose, the bushes they came from gained color and magic. Later, Luna finds a lily bulb and places it in the garden. The garden and the bulb transform as she gets gardening tools.

Chapter 3

  • This chapter is currently in-progress, and has not been published as of yet.


  • The event following Asgore's attempt to shatter the Barrier was said to have stolen the Hope of every monster.
  • The main protagonist, Luna, has botanokinesis, the ability to manipulate plants.
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