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Reapertale is an AU where the main monsters are gods.


  • Asgore: God of the Skies/Father Ruler
  • Toriel: Goddess of Life
  • Asriel: God of Hope
    • Flowey: Incarnation of Despair
  • Gaster: God of Magic
  • Gerson: God of Wisdom
  • Alphys: Goddess of Knowledge
  • Undyne: Goddess of War
  • Mettaton: Human | First Golem | Crystallized Golem
  • Napstablook: waiting for Mettaton to come home, Dream Ghost
  • Grillby: God of the Hearth
  • Muffet: Goddess of Fortune
  • Sans and Papyrus: Gods of Death
  • Chara: Beloved Acolyte of Faith
    • Corrupted!Chara: Envoy of Chaos, Violence and Darkness/The Anomaly/The One of Broken Faith
  • Frisk: Emissary of Mercy