Realswap is the swapped version of Realtale. The characters roles are swapped.


  • Samantha is the main protagonist.
  • Xena is a soulless doll. She sends "Xena Flakes", which are actually harmful bullets.
  • Dundas is the caretaker of the RUINs.
  • Caleb is a bored kid
  • Rylee is a kid who sneaks food into the school from a restaurant called Crafty's and sells it for money
  • Colton is the older brother of Isaac and the final boss of the Genocide Route.
  • Isaac just wants to make a friend so he doesn't get fired from the Royal Battlers.
  • Ashlynn is the Head of the Royal Battlers and a good friend of Isaac.
  • Bethany is the Royal Scientist and creator of Robo-Jack.
  • Robo-Jack is the star of the School.
  • Conor is a kid who needs money for robot parts.
  • Queen Quinn is the Queen of the School.
  • Alison possesses Samantha during a Genocide Run.
  • Jerky Kid is the adopted son of Dundas and Queen Quinn and brother of Alison.

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