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Realitytale is an AU based slightly of one of the wikia users, Code8bird's life. It does have different backstory and characters however. You will be able to find it on the Undertale AU Amino. This will all be changed a lot until the official story comes out. 

RealityTale's Backstory

A long time before even the monsters were trapped Underground, the ancestors of the monsters, ordinary humans who believed in witchcraft, found a mysterious man, even now no one knows his name, the man said that he could allow them to use powerful magic, but to do so he would have to weaken their souls, taking away their ability to persist after death. The group didn't listen or care about the consequences of their actions so they accepted. They each chose a type of magic and lived out their lives. However over time the normal humans, ones without magic, grew wary of those who did and eventually started fighting taking the group by surprise. They fought but due to their lack of preparation the magical beings lost. Only the children survived and were locked away Underground. They were left with nothing except food and some pets.

Without rulers the Underground fell into a horrendous state. Luckily after a long time two best friends finally took over, Eabha and Molly. With their work hope and order were restored. It had also been decided that if something happened to Eabha or Molly another powerful child, Eoghan, would take over. A long time later a normal human fell Underground. His name was Bryan. Of course Eoghan found Bryan and they became the best of friends. Like in Undertale (as you would expect) Bryan dies and Eoghan absorbs the soul and dies to the normals. Of course the Underground was scared and in her fit of anger Molly said she would murder any person to fall down. Of course Eabha was horrified. She ran away to the the The Empty Cavern. (Ruins) 


One thing the AU isn't finished as all the character roles aren't filled in. I'll fill them in as I go on. Please don't put your username in as it's NOT a self-insert AU.

Frisk - Code

Flowey -  Eoghan

Toriel - Eabha

Dummy - Chloe

Froggit - Sarah

Whimsun - 

Loox - 

Moldsmal - 

Vegetoid - 

Migosp - 

Napstablook - Adam

Sans - Hannah

Papyrus - Amy B

Snowdrake - Brandon

Chilldrake - Nathan

Icecap - 


Glyde - Kelly

Doggo - Spring

Lesser Dog - Murphy

Greater Dog - Reilly

Dogamy - 

Dogaressa - 

Annoying Dog - George 

Monster Kid - Ellie

Nice Cream Guy - 

Snowdin Shopkeeper - Jo O'Brien

Grillby - 

Undyne - Charlotte

Aaron - Eoin K

Woshua - 

Moldbygg -

Jerry - Nathan

Shyren - 

Mad Dummy - Connor

Tem -

Gerson - 

Riverperson -

Alphys - Me/Code

Mettaton - Morrigan

Tsundereplane -

Pyrope -

Vulkin - Roisin

RG01 -

RG02 -

Muffet - Aileen

Burgerpants - Supermacs Guy

Bratty and Catty - Emmie and Millie

Sosorry -

Final Froggit -

Whimsalot -

Astigmatism -

Madjick -

Knight Knight -

Asgore - Molly

Asriel - Eoghan

Chara - Bryan

Moldessa -

Migospel -

Parsnik - 

Gaster - 


Ruins - The Empty Cavern

Snowdin - Punton

Waterfall - Cascade

Hotlands - Imscorcht