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Rapturetale is an Undertale and Bioshock crossover in which monsters are replaced with Splisters, which are like Splicers from Bioshock.

Main story

A human named Colin Ryane thought of an idea an underwater city. Since he was a very wealthy man, he was able to build his city. The protectors of the city are known as Big Skellies. There were three types:

Sansys” “Mr. Papys” “Unknowns

With the help of a wizard, Colin created “plasmids” that gave the users powers. These were dispensed from machines all over the city. The payment for the plasmids is a chemical called 'ADAM' which comes from a mutated undersea flower which were sold for a time. It was found out that female children could ingest these flowers to produce and process them into higher quantities of ADAM (these are little sisters). The citizens of the city found out that ADAM could also be found in people and began to kill them for it. Travel to the city from the mainland was blocked off due to the murders. Over time, the people began to change into splisters due to an overuse of plasmids. Later versions of the plasmids gave Colin control over everyone, but he never used the ability.

After a while, the fighting stopped. Colin created the King and Queen and relinquished control of the city. While the King and Queen were in charge, a small human girl (name unknown) fell into the city and was adopted by them. The girl then somehow died using the ADAM. The son of the King and Queen took the child's soul and went to the surface where they were attacked. The son then returned to the city, where they died in the King's flowers. The King declared that all un-splistered humans who fell into the kingdom must be killed. The Queen ran away to the abandoned part of the city. Years later a human falls into the city.


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but later it was found out the flower can be eaten by female children and thats when “little sisters” were made adam could also be found on people which was later found out by the citizens and when the surface world found out about the killings going in the city they blocked all ways to get in people started changing into things called splisters after so much splicing of DNA from the plasmids colin still managed to find out how to control everything because later versions of the plasmids had given him control of everything and everyone but he didn’t control them unless he needed to which he never really did after some time the fighting stopped for awhile and a king and queen were made and colin let them rule their kingdom a small little girl name unknown fell down and the son of the king and queen found them they became family till they died using the adam and the undamaged soul the son went to the surfus the people were frightened and attacked him he did not fight back and when he got home he died on the king’s flowers the kingdom was in despair and it was made a rule that any unsplistered human who fell down must be killed the queen left into the abandoned part of the city and years later a new human fell down what will happen to them in this crazy huge underwater city?