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Rangertale is a Undertale au created by Kinji Takigawa Party Night where the power rangers characters are Undertale characters (one power rangers character are made up and some power rangers will not be as Undertale characters)

Power Rangers as Undertale characters

Kuro as Frisk

Delphine as Chara

Jayden as Mettaton

Zenowing as Alphys

Kinji as Undyne

Deker as Asgore

Dayu as Toriel

Kimberly as Asriel

Needlenose as Flowey

Tideus as Sans

Cestro as Napstablook

Hydro Hog as Grillby

Akira Nijino (In Zaram form) as Muffet

Dreadhead as God of Hyperdeath

Corcus as River person

Aurico as W.D Gaster

Octoroo as Papyrus

Zedd as Dogamy

Rita as Dogressa

White Stranger as Doggo

Xandred as Greater Dog

Yakumo as Monster Kid

Extra Characters

Here's are the power ranger characters who are extra boss. Some are in the same roles but they get to be in the final Battle.

Junji and Reiji (Kinji's parents who are dead because of the humans/Aliens.In Nutrual They are seen in flashacks when Kinji wants to kill the human for Revenge. In Genocide Route, They are seen as a boss when They realized the human killed Kinji. In Pacifist Route, The human Revived them so Kinji will be happy to see his parents.)

Disbelief Octoroo(This will only happen when The Human kills Tideus)


  • Rangertale was originally going to be named underrangers but Kinji Takigawa Party Night change the name because it doesn't make sence.
    • Despite being called Rangertale, Some of Super Sentai characters are appeared.
  • Kuro is the only power ranger character that are made up.
  • On a game over screen after you lose by Tideus it says GEEEEEETTTTT DUUUUUNNNNKKKKEEEEDDDD OOOONNNNN which is San's catchphrase.
  • The lands names is revealed.
    • Forest
    • Panorama City
    • Aquitar
    • Netherworld
  • In Zenowing's lab, Boy meets World is on the screen in pacifist route. The battle scene from the Ultimate Duel in Genocide Route. And Educational Television Sign Scene in Neutral Route.
    • The episode of Boy meets World is He said She said. Also Zenowing is not falling in love with Kinji since they're both male.
  • Xandred was going to be in the role of Sans but since Tideus won a role of Sans Xandred was chosen to be Greater Dog
    • Unfortunately, Bulk and Skull were going to be in the role of Papyrus(Skull) and Sans(Bulk) But Since They Kinda Stupid, They Kinda Disqualified for the roles.