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This AU is created by Kinji Takigawa Party Night. This AU is where Power Rangers characters are in the roles of the Undertale characters but Swapped. Well some of them are swapped.


Delphine as Chara as Frisk

Kuro as Frisk as Chara

Alpha 5 as Temmie as Flowey

Deker as Asgore as Toriel

Jayden as Mettaton as Napstablook

Octoroo as Papyrus as Sans

Tideus as Sans as Papyrus

Akira Nijino (In Zaram form) as Muffet as Grillby

Zenowing as Alphys as Undyne

Kinji as Undyne as Alphys

Hydro Hog as Grillby as Muffet

Cestro as Napstablook as Mettaton

Dayu as Toriel as Asgore

Yakumo as Monster Kid as Asriel

Kimberly as Asriel as Monster Kid

Aurico as W.D Gaster as River Person

Corcus as River Person as W.D Gaster

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