Random tale sans is a sans that truly has no real purpose. he doesn't know how to get back to his home place or even knows he had an au. random appears to look like a fox, bunny and some dino mixed with a skeleton. The objects he carry's around are a axe and paint brush that don't work at all his axe has a secret compartment to hide things. his paint brush almost like inks he can only us it to paint but he rarely every dose. the way he gets around is his tunnels that stretch over the entire au. He has some tunnels to just keep his things he's found around the au.


His personality consist of how others are. He appears to be very annoying and all ways watching. Few people have liked random sans. He's always in a happy mood unless you say something the wrong way then he snaps. this sans is a Pacifist but doesn't mind play fighting or dueling it out for real.


His attacks are all magical but each one is slightly different from original sans. his attacks are A saw blade attack. the gaster blaster witch is all crazy looking. he can hit some one with his tail impetrating them.

Place living

he has never really been able to get back home that's why he lived in the au he fell in which was under_horror. he lives in tunnels that he has dug out below the ground very deep.

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