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RandomTale is ANOTHER Self-Insert AU Made by Kkcantgetright Because he was bored.


  • Frisk: Random Lady That No One Knows
  • Chara: Untaken
  • Flowey / Asriel: Createsans
  • Toriel: Untaken
  • Sans: Bone apetit
  • Papyrus: Kkcantgetright
  • Undyne: Untaken
  • Alphys: Fusionx963
  • Mettaton: Corly
  • Asgore: Untaken
  • Napstablook: Untaken
  • Mad Dummy: Untaken
  • Jerry: Untaken
  • Temmies: Untaken
  • Annoying Dog: Untaken
  • W. D. Gaster: Createsans

Note: Ask For a role in Kkcantgetrights Message Role, Not in the comments :)

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