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RandomInsertYourSelfTale is an AU created by Fuhuhuhuhu. It's a Self-Insert AU. Please ask before you insert an OC/take a role. A "Self-Insert" goes in the "OCs" section, whether it's an OC or not.

Roles (Taken)

  • Sans (thetrueperidot2)
  • Napstablook (Raytaygirl)

Roles (Available)

  • Frisk
  • Chara
  • Asriel
  • Flowey
  • Toriel
  • Asgore
  • Alphys
  • Undyne
  • Dogamy
  • Dogaressa
  • Doggo
  • Muffet
  • Mettaton
  • Mad Dummy
  • Training Dummy
  • Lesser Dog
  • Greater Dog
  • Endogeny
  • Gaster
  • Monster Kid
  • Lemon Bread
  • Motherdrake
  • Reaper Bird
  • Memoryhead(s)
  • Snowdin Shopkeeper
  • River Reaper
  • So Sorry
  • Temmie(s)
  • Annoying Dog
  • RG1
  • RG2

Characters that are canon here that aren't in the original universe or something like that I guess

  • Doge
  • Grandpa Semi
  • RG3
  • RG4


  • Ryan (infused with Sans' soul) (thetrueperidot2)

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