Raiden is a shadow demon and the former spy/assassin of the Sins of 12. Currently, he fights for the Ex-Sins. He's a Japanese immigrant who lived in Hawaii. He's a warrior known as a ninja-rai (Stupid name), a warrior that combines the speed, skill, and agility of a ninja, and the weapons, armor, and strength of a samurai.


Raiden wears what appears to be a very light suit of grey samurai armor. Some of his armor resembles the outfit of a ninja as well. His eyes glare and glow red, and what appear to be red, glowing tear streaks come down from both. His mask that covers his mouth seems to have cracks that follow the tear streaks.


Raiden Sakai was born in Japan, but a few months after his birth, he and his family immigrated to Hawaii. There, he was discriminated for a short time, until he learned ninjitsu and jujitsu. Then, he was feared by his discriminators. He was living a happy life now, until he and a group of friends decided to go to a haunted building. They angered one of the spirits, and one of them followed Raiden home. Later on, it manipulated Raiden to kill his family. He did, and, because of what he did, he committed suicide. He went to Hell for his sins, but struck a deal with a shadow demon. The demon asked for him to join his team, and he would be relieved of his sins. Raiden accepted, and was transformed into a powerful demon.


Raiden is usually seen as wise. He is not actually evil or sadistic like most of the Sins of 12, but he does kill when necessary. He is usually thought to be emotionless, but in reality, he's very kind and also very compassionate. He is also very polite and honorable.


  • Invisibility: Raiden can make himself completely invisible for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Psychic powers: He possesses teleportation, telepathy, and weaker telekinesis.
  • Shapeshifting: He can shapeshift into anything and anyone at will, usually used to infiltrate behind enemy lines and spy.
  • Superhuman skills: Due to being a ninja and an enhanced demon, his capabilities are raised to the extreme. He can perform many stunts in mid-air with ease, run at high speeds (slightly slower than Vorakor), but all at the same time packing an absolutely devastating punch.
  • Master Espionage: Raiden is a master of espionage as a top spy. This means he has vast knowledge and makes an excellent spy.
  • Very strong but light armor: His armor shields him from magic blasts and sunlight or holy attacks.


  • Though his armor protects him from this, his body itself cannot stand holy attacks or sunlight.
  • He has limited knowledge of the person he disguises as.
  • He's much more vulnerable to larger opponents such as Boravus.


  • Raiden's human name was originally Ryan Kaneshiro, but the creator was forced to change it because SOMEONE GOT OFFENDED BECAUSE THEY HAD THE SAME LAST NAMES.
  • In his early art, he was drawn as a ninja.
  • His name used to be Turmoil.
  • His limbs used to be longer.
  • He is the only Ex-Sin to not have a demon name.

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