excuse me....
— Rache

Rache is a character in Forevertale created by Cinder. She is the Forevertale counterpart to Rache, and is very similar to what the original Rache was like before her timeline was destroyed.


(She looks exactly the same as the original Rache.)

Rache is a monster that is very geometrical, looking at if she is a bunch of cubes and similar three dimensional objects stuck together. She can change her shape, even disassembling herself, but she usually makes herself look a like a human in general shape, but not to the point that she be mistaken for one.

She is made entirely of what looks like various shiny metals and rocks. She can change the color of herself as well, but usually sticks to blues, gold, and bronze. Rache's eyes usually look like sapphires, rubies, or emeralds, depending what color she feels like that day.


Rache is shy and submissive, often staying away from busy areas and always doing what she is told to do, unless it's something she knows is wrong.

She is obsessed with order and perfection, always cleaning and fixing things.



(Her abilities are only slightly altered.)

Defensive abilities:

  • She can disassemble herself and still move around, with all of her different pieces moving separately, allowing her to dodge.
    • She can still be injured when like this, but it often confuses the enemy and makes her harder to aim at.
  • Because of the substance she is made of, all beams, lasers, or rays have no affect on her, and will bounce off of her.
  • She is resistant to extreme temperature.

Offensive abilities:

  • She can trip opponents while disassembled, or she can hit her opponents with pieces of herself when partially disassembled.
  • She can absorb magic through heat transfer.
    • This makes her opponent either overheated or freezing.
    • She only gains 1% of the power her opponent looses.
    • She needs to within three feet of someone for this to work
  • She can attack with shards of ice
  • She can use both blue and orange attacks


  • She can imitate the voices of anyone perfectly

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