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RS02 and RS01 are a pair of Royal Scientists encountered on Volcano Island. They are the Shipswap versions of RG01 and RG02 from Undertale but swapped and scientists instead of guards.


02 and 01 are a pair of scientists. 02 is a dragon and 01 is a bunny. They are shown to like burgers since if they are spared, they buy all the burgers from Burgerpants.


The two scientists wear lab coats instead of armors, meaning that more of their appearance is shown.


Each other

RS02 and RS01 have feelings for each other, as shown in their encounter. The pair can be spared if the player gets RS02 to reveal his feelings to RS01, which leads to RS01 revealing his feelings as well.


As the head of the Royal Scientists, Alphys is the boss of the pair. She is unaware of the pair's feelings for each other.

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