Lucario the Skeleton is a member of the Royal Guard who patrols the Greater Area with Derpy.

He has had feelings for Derpy for a very long time but does not know how to admit it.



Lucario looks a bit different than his normal counterpart.

His ears now look more like bunny ears (to match the original 01's bunny ears) and the fur pattern on his face is now a removable armor face plate. He still sports his green jacket, but now has a chest and shoulder plates.

The last difference is that his tail has been modified to function as a weapon. It now has a double sided blade on the end, and he swings it around or can take the top segment of his tail off to use as a dagger.


He acts kind towards the human, giving them a chance to run away, but soon decides to fight them under Derpy's order.

He acts very "kohai-ish" and "kawaii-ish" towards Derpy. And whenever she acts flirty with him, he gets very flustered.

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