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REFUSETale is an AU created by NatsuneNuko based on the RPG game Undertale by Toby Fox.


All events are the same as in Undertale. After a few Pacifist Endings, Frisk started her first Genocide. But after some time she regretted her decision, but she was too far to RESET. At the end of the fight with Sans, Frisk uses all her DETERMINATION to stop Chara from killing Sans when she had no control (thie final blow) When Sans sees the situation, he tried to kill Chara, but eventually kills Frisk possessed by Chara. And then Chara kills Sans in the last second. Only Frisk's SOUL left. Dying Sans and Chara tried to take SOUL but it split up between them. The timeline got permanently damaged, and resets itselft to the last Pacifist Ending. Now other timelines and other alternate universes mingle with the corrupted timeline, and SAVE and RESET option no longer exists, only CONTINUE.  Chara stays alive with her piece of SOUL, Sans reincarnates, and Frisk stays with the empty "vessel" for the SOUL. They both (Sans and Frisk) wakes up on the bed of golden flowers in the RUINS.



"Wait! We both know what happens when you use shortcuts while tired!" ~Frisk to Sans on Pap's ice puzzles. 

After RESET Frisk still has a vessel for the SOUL that can still be filled with the essence of the SOUL. Frisk wears blue sweater with pink stripes, dark blue braces and orange shoes. In this alternative universe, Frisk is female, although in her references it's written that gender is "up to you." Frisk is a cheerful, curious, adventurous child. Sharing Sans and Chara's soul parts did not change her behavior so much. She loves to drink milk and eat butterscotch-cinnamon pie. Her attacks can change their form to other SOUL traits weapons. Only Frisk knows which characters are glitches. Sometimes Frisk has nightmares about her genocide, especially "get dunked on" stucked in her memory. 


Frisk discovers Attack Mode of her SOUL. In the red SOUL Mode, Frisk has a red glowing spear with a burning fire on her skewer. The spear is in the right hand. In her left hand she holds a red fire that she can shoot. Fire can be used to warm or ignite things.

She can't activate attack mode if has 1/4 of her SOUL 

In REFUSEFell Frisk is a malicious child who only watches his own nose. In this version Frisk failed to return Asriel to life, so Frisk carries him in the form of Flowey. REFUSESwap Chara behaves like the original Frisk.


"That's not the way how I have to end it. I'm not going to become something like you." ~Sans

REFUSE Sans is a reincarnated version of the original Sans.

In this form he's more emotional and related to family and friends. Sans behavioral changes most often result from the connection of his SOUL with Frisk and Chara. He often acts arrogantly, proudly, likes to be the leader of the group and sow the largest size of damage. These are the characteristics that characterize Chara in Sans behavior. This doesn't make him a bad character, because most of the behaviours that he characterized him earlier, and some of those taken over from Frisk, make him nice and innocent.

Despite everything, Sans doesn't differ so much from his original counterpart. He wears a purple hoodie with a white strip, a gray sweater (which used to be white), a colorful scarf, usually shorts with bluish-green stripes and bluish sneakers. He has problem with swearing and drinking ketchup as twice as he did in original timeline. But he's still lazy and acts like dead inside (not seriously). Likes to sing and dance. Still tells puns and eats gross food. Acts childlish. Can't drink milk, cause he can randomy fall asleep. After what happened he tries to keep his family safe, as much as he can. His rainbow scarf is gift from Toriel on his birthday. Sans is the smolest in the family (well, if don't count Sugar, Prymulka and Glimmer). Sans loves quiche, Dust hates it (he's allergic to spinach)

By absorbing half of the Frisk DETERMNATION in conjunction with his soul, a new SOUL trait was created: TRUST. Like DETERMINATION, it's the strongest SOUL in the universe, and only one TRUST SOUL can exist at once.

Trust gives Sans a few of new abilities in battle: sequences of bone attacks are much longer and more complex, using a large amount of arsenal at once doesn't makes him tired, increasing the power of the Gaster Blaster and producing more of them at the same time, increasing the chance of dodge, Karmic Retribution is increased by another 30 frames of immortality which takes 60 HP per second.

His special attack is called "Triangulum" (the name of the constellation of stars). This attack blocks the opponent's power using all three of the traits Sans has: Determination, Justice, and Patience (that is what constitutes Trust)

After blocking an opponent's power, Sans can easily kill them, especially if enemies has a high LV. However, this attack doesn't work on all opponents.

HATE Chara

"You'll soon meet yor dumb brother again." ~Chara in Judgement Hall before final blow

HATE Chara is a creature created from LV and the HATE that Frisk has gained. 

Chara persist with half of the DETERMINATION SOUL she stole from Sans before corrupted RESET.

She wear green sweater with one yellow strip and a SOUL symbol that appears sometimes.

She can't fill her SOUL piece with her own DETERMINATION like Frisk does, which makes every use of magic cost her the loss of the essence of the SOUL. Sans learned that Chara would be "vivid" for as little as six months if she won'y use magic. As a demon/ghost, Chara can change into a black spirit cloud with a red smile. In this form she can attack and haunt objects or monsters. Although she's created from LV and HATE, connection with Frisk and Sans made her feel emetions, or at least neutral good. She's merciless appearance of True Chara Dreemurr, but her true positive energy didn't allow HATE to take completly takeover. She loves chocolate and chocolate milk, as well she hates cinnamon.

True/SAVED Chara

"I'm swearing sometimes, but don't tell Sans or I'll slash you." ~Chara 

This is the True Form of Chara. Her sweater is switched with colors she had in her demon form, and she wears blue shorts. Also, she has full visible big, brown eyes and cute friendly smile. She's afraid of spiders and loves chocolate and chocolate milk, as well she hates cinnamon. As a child she fell down to the Underground, and her story isn't very different from original Chara's story. She kept many of her bad habits from her bad form, like she is easily triggered and impulsive. Sans teached her how to tell jokes and prank others.


"But Sans, nobody was born evil!" ~Papyrus

In this AU Papyrus didn't change very much. Timeline corruption canceled Genocide which caused Papyrus to by alive again.

He's even more realted with Sans than in original Undertale.Papyrus is best friend with Blue (one of the corruptions that mixed with RT timeline) Blue is kinda version of Underswap Sans. At the beggining, Papyrus and Blue hated each other cause they both tried to be Royal Guards.

Papyrus believes in others just as much as he believes in himself. Papyrus also recognizes that Sans is secretive and kind of weird, in this AU even more than in original Undertale.

He wears his "battle body," an outfit that he created for a costume party it includes a white chest plate with gold trim, orange-red gloves with gold trim, blue briefs with a golden belt, and knee-high, orange-red boots. After corrupted RESET, his personality (like it happened with others) mixed with others personalities. He tells puns and then gets mad cause he hates puns. Instead of his normal armor he wears orange shirt, grey trousers and red trainers. Besides spaghetti he loves to bake cakes with Arial and solving puzzles with his dad. He really cares about his siblings and is always ready to protect them.


"Kids, we're going to create a blackhole" ~Gaster

W.D Gaster is one of the hidden characters in game. Only one way to find him is messing around with game files and "fun" value. 

An skeleton boss monster. Born in the underground in the period of war. He always kept himself young by magic. As well in void time wasn't passing by. He's very caring and tender, by then, more vulnerable when someone hurts his family or friends. Reacts harsh to HATE. He's very stubborn and never completly loses hope for positive results. He never liked to express many emotions in front of people and the king, but he likes to be cuddled and pet. He used to play guitar and piano. Orphaned at the age of five-six, he decided to live on his own, believing that his knowledge is sufficient to survive and left his brother to fate. He was brought up by a family of skeletons. Sometimes acts like hypocrite. He can't forget his past mistakes and keeps thinking he could do everything better and save those who he loved. Definetly LOVES marshmallows and tea. He only looks like 35, he is way older. 

After his fall down, the desire to return was so great that he quickly lost his mind.

Gaster sometimes is kinda arrogant, has a very high self-esteem and often acts selfishly. But he never puts work higher than the family. He suffered from achromatopsia. Gaster is also the strongest monster in this universum. He fights with created by himself "hand weapons" which switch colors of SOUL attack modes or use them all, one mode per hand and, of course, his Gaster Blasters.

Attack modes:

  • Red SOUL mod - Not the same as Frisk's DETERMINATION fight mod, but similiar. Allows to shoot a large bullet of magic fire.
  • Light blue SOUL mod - The catch ability. He can catch his enemy by using long but fragile ropes.
  • Blue SOUL mod - Classic jump mode. This mode affacts gravity, reducting SOULs movements in the attack box. There's second phase of this attack - Gaster by using hand can summon blue rings that travels through obstacles and hurt enemies. Can be destroyed only by hitting into wall or any other block.
  • Green SOUL mod - Shield attack. Can't hurt enemies, only blocks projectiles and bullets.
  • Yellow SOUL mod - Shooter attack. Hand shoots a hundreds of bullets, like in red mode, but faster.
  • Purple SOUL mod - The strongest attack. Hand shoots the wide shaped bullet that can destroy other bullets and any obstacles. Also can destroy Gaster Blasters and its beam.
  • Orange SOUL mod - Agressive mod. Changes hand into a orange fist shaped bullet that travles through the obstacles and hurts enemies. This attack can't destroy the hand


"(...) no fear that all those people want you dead." ~Dust

Dust is a creation-glitch-being, born in inter dimension between timelines and AU's. As in the void space time passes in different way, it took 18 years for his SOUL to become stable and allow him to exist. His bad appearance depended on near AU's his SOUL passed.. When he appeared in RT universe, he tried to kill monsters there. Then he get caught by Error Sans (then Blank Sans).

Error instead of killing him, he left him in Judgement Hall and allowed Sans, Blue and Fell judge him.

He didn't refused to fight, what forced them to fight him back. Dust, wounded and half died, then refused to fight, but Sans showed him mercy and gave the second chance.

Dust wears clothes of course similiar to Sans: a greenie hoodie, rainbow scarf and also greenie shoes.

After getting the second change, he wanted to start all over again, but when Papyrus saw him, he wanted to adopt him and treat like his own brother. He said that "he can hold all Sans-similiar brothers". He has achluophobia (fear of the dark), agateophobia (fear of insanity) and deditophobia (fear of addiction from someone). He likes cooking, eating apples and drinking Starfait. But he hates himself. Has good sense of humour. After time, his SOUL trait become COMPOSURE. Besides how Dust was created and how he was perceived by others, he is shy, quiet and afraid of foreign surroundings. He is very caring for his friends and family. He usually doesn't care about his safety and tries to help others. He has many phobias and suffers from insomnia. During his life he learned to stay with others and deal with everyday life. Sometimes is impulsive. He suffers from pollen allergy and sneezes like a cat. Easily forgives when it comes to his family and friends. Likes to be cuddled and hugged. Always sleeps deeply and loves to randomy nap somewhere. Fell in love with Estorix!Sans, or more descirbed as Est and now have a happy family. Loves apples and Starfait. Naps very often.


"Your kids get their beautiful faces from Lucy, but they're as silly as you." ~Arial

Arial is one of the characters created from errors and timeline changes. She was Gaster's first "school" love, nobody knew why they splitted.

Arial also was best friend of Lucy, Gaster's wife and mother of Sans and Papyrus. 

She always wears pink accents, and her SOUL trait is FEAR (Glitchtale reference, but only in Chapter One). She loves being with her family. When she met Gaster after years, she fell in love with him again very fast.

She's very calm and patient, but at rage, she becomes a Nightmare Skelemom. As a child she was a little impulsive but funny and friendly. She had a huge round glasses and way bigger bow than now. She used to be with Gaster in high school, but then they broke up. She still is friendly but way more easy to irritate. She's kind and loves children. It's hard to make her cry, so she always tried to help her sister Eva. Everything what Arial has, is pink. And everything she gets, it turns to pink. Another reason to hate this trait. She likes to play violin, but she doesn't have one. She likes to sing while cooking. Arial and Lucy were Gaster's first school friends. Arial loves encourage others. For example, she always encouraged Sans when he tries to draw somethin, when Dust can't stand too many nightmares, she stays with him almost all night and sings for him. (Papyrus don't need tp be encouraged, he's perfect at everythin)

  • Fear SOUL mode - Arial fights with pink serpent in left hand, and with pink Gladius with purple handle and white Delta Rune on it. Also she can use Gaster Blasters and her eyes are glowing.

Unlike Glitchtale Betty, Arial isn't the only one Pink SOUL. In the past, these SOULs were used to extract their essence powers, that were as powerful as DETERMINATION.


Eva is Arial's young sister. As a child she was described as a dangerous monster, because of her trait she couldn't control (VENGEANCE). Since then her emotional stability is weak and it's easy to make her cry. Even if she grew up it didn't changed her behaviours. She was never tolerated in the group and spent her entire life in her locked room. She couldn't catch contact with people and kept crying. Every single worrying action made her cry. She always dreamed about finding her one true love and become queen like in tales she read. Strangely as she hates her nightmares she loves darkness and her sleep is pretty tough. Her closest company was always her father and sister. She loves when someone hugs her. Like Arial, she likes being around children and her another dream was having kids.

REFUSE!Fell, Fensy and Edgy

"Oh heya... Don't you worry kid, I'm just a skeleton. Bones not boners. Suck it." ~Fell

"My bro is the nicest and the coolest!" ~Fensy

"I like it, but it needs more bloodshed." ~Edgy

Fell is more friendly version of Underfell Sans.

Fell wears black jacket with white fluffy hood, red sweater with t-shirt on it that says "MUSTARD DONE SOMETHING RIGHT". He also wears black shorts with yellow strips and red shoes. One of his tooths is gold. In this AU, Fell works in Muffet's store and makes cupcakes. He ocasionally would like to be fired, but when he discovered small Fensy, an orphan that lived in trash behind the backery, he decided to stay and sometimes stealed cupcakes for him. He's good skeleton, but sometimes he reveals his weird character: Love for alcohol, smoking and going to nightclubs. He also have a strong sexual attraction. His sexual orientation is demi-hetero. Fell is also afraid of high places, even when he can levitate.  Fensy was and orphan, who get lost when was just three or four. He's very small skeleton and looks smiliar like young Papyrus.

While lived on trash dumb, he worn all clothes he ocasionally found. Now he wears orange hoddie with "WAKE ME UP!" sentence on it. He also have brown trousers and shoes.

He got a little scar on his skull, probably because of hudge fall from somewhere. Name "Fensy" is mix of names "Sansy" and "Fell". He really loves Fell, and even if he do something bad, Fensy always tries to explain him.

Edgy (no reference yet) is just the same as his Underfell Papyrus equivalent, but more friendly


"No offence Frisk, but can you do me a little favor (...)" ~Flowey

The coorrupted rRESET doesn't affected Flowey, who remembered what happened and was neutral to all of this. When Sans and Frisk said that Chara is alive, he definetly wanted to help, but then he started to regret and thought of what if Sans and Frisk tried to fool him. Then Chara appears in person and tells Flowey that they're going to be free.

As Flowey, Asriel don't have his own SOUL. During Gaster fight, when Frisk crashes one of Gaster's hands, he discovers that he can absorbe SOUL powers even without SOUL.

The point was create him a new vessel for trait powers.

Asriel wears a green shirt with yellow stripes with short sleeves and blue trousers. His eyes are drak blue.

REFUSE!Sugarberry and Glimmer

Sugar and Glimmer are Sans and Papyrus younger siblings.

Glimmer (no reference yet) is the youngest. She likes to wear purple shirts and any yellow things. She's the only one in family who have natural hair, in her case, short brown. Her SOUL trait in Vengenace.

Sugarberry is three years old. He's kinda escape artist. He have a very troubling ability that allows him to climb on everything he wants. This babybones is really sneaky and can easly hide. His SOUL trait is Patience and Perserverance Unlike any other babybones, Sugar is really smart, probably because of amount of magic that was used while he was born. He can use Gaster Blasters, but his are a lot smaller than the average Blaster. He's the only skeleton that has normal jaw with not a full set of teeth.

All other characters


She was Gaster's first wife and mother of Sans and Papyrus. She was the Royal Guard, and was killed by humans that survived several weeks in Underground.


Known more as Riverperson. The twin brother of Gaster, and Fensy's father. Gaster and River splitted up when they were young, when they parents have been killed by the one of the last survived humans. River was angry on his brother, because he rather wanted to live on his own, leaving River behind. That's why River warned Frisk about "the man who speaks in hands". He knew about the Core incident. And when River already got his life into one piece, having a happy family, his wife dissappeared without a trace, and his son got lost. But he never lost hope that he's still somewhere. He can also use Gaster Blasters. Everyone who is related to Gaster can use them.


Frisk's friend The SOUL of humility

The Six Human SOUL's

Glitches of the timeline caused the SOUL's of Fallens to be evil, filled with HATE from Frisk's Genocide Run. Despite absorbed HATE, they didn't turn into opposide versions of their traits.

  • Hiren - Hiren The Integrity is the leader of the SOUL's. She's the strongest, and the only one SOUL that can absorb other SOUL's to become stronger. She's the only SOUL who doesn't feel any emotions in this state. Antonym for Hiren is Separate. She also have domena as DESTROYER.
  • Hiden & HeidiHiden the Kindness and Heidi the Justice. They didn't fall to the Underground together. Hiden fell ten years earlier. Heidi, unable to to accept her brother's death, she followed her brothers trail, she fell to the Underground, where like the other humans, she died. When encountered, they always fights together. Hiden is a SHIELDER and Heidi is a SHOOTER. That means they can fight off almost all attacks. Their antonyms are Ruthlessness and Injustice.
  • Honey - Honey the Perserverance. The strongest soul in terms of damage inflicted. But she's not the quickest and her main attribute is attack, her domena is THINKER. Her antonym is Inconsistency
  • Harry - Harry the Bravery. Domena, RUSHER. 

Canon main characters

Their apperance is rare, of course much rarer than in Undertale.


  • Nobody knows how old Gaster is.
  • Sans likes karaoke
  • There are bad versions of seven human SOULS
  • Dusttale Papyrus haunts Dust
  • Gaster have achromatopsia
  • Arial always wanted to have hair
  • Glimmer can't talk. She'll never talk
  • Judgement Hall is blue
  • REFUSETale have two chapters: Underground & The Surface
  • Bethy is the last HUMILITY SOUL on the earth. Like Sans (TRUST) and Dust (COMPOSURE)
  • Sugar's SOUL is comibination of PATIENCE and PERSERVERANCE: he got it from Gaster. Lucy, Gaster's first wife, had JUSTICE as trait (Sans eye glows PATIENCE and JUSTICE. Papyrus have his trait from Gaster)
  • The same with Fensy: his SOUL is combination of JUSTICE and KINDNESS: JUSTICE is River's trait, that means that Fensy's mother trait was kindness
  • The language this story was originally written in of course polish
  • Lucy died by decapitation, so only her head left for a while, like was with Papyrus on Geno
  • Gaster loves watchin Disney movies
  • Arial like Lucy, sings lullaby for her children, "My Sunshine"
  • Sometimes Frisk dreams about her genocide, especially the "Get dunked on" stuck in her memory
  • Only Frisk knows which characters are glitches
  • Bad Chara was one of the Fallens, and only her name didn't started with "H" but "Ch"
  • But Chara should be read like "Hara" (in this AU)
  • Almost every single character in REFUSETale have their Special Attack
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