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[REDACTED]tale is a ongoing AU made by IredactedI. The AU takes place after Error!Sans destroyed a AU referred to as "Fonttale" and takes place side by side with the Errortale series. However, due to a force known as INTEGRITY, every time [REDACTED]tale interacts with Errortale, all signs and traces of [REDACTED]tale are removed and forgotten by any normal being living in Error!tale. The only way this effect can be ignored is if both creators of the AU allow an interaction to be canon. The story centers around a character named [REDACTED] Chara and their attempts to get revenge and destroy the multiverse.


The story has been left somewhat vague for interpretation, but what we can tell is that "Fonttale" used to be an AU where Frisk and Chara lived at the same point in time and both fell into the underground together, where they lived with the Dreemurrs happily for a time. It is assumed Error!Sans appeared sometime later and committed mass genocide before destroying the universe completely. However, Chara survived due to the glitchy ways in which Error destroys universes and was resurrected in a state where they were constantly melting but unable to die. This led to Chara suffering in agony for a long time until their body could not produce enough energy to even make Chara feel pain, as she hadn't eaten or drank in ages. Chara eventually found a way to escape the Antivoid and started discovering all the AUs in the multiverse. She made some friends, but was traumatized even more upon her discoveries of disturbing AUs such as Underfell and Horrortale . This eventually led her to have a even more pessimistic view on existence, eventually causing her to snap afterwards and go semi-insane. Before she had gone insane though, she destroyed her own soul out of the fear of giving Nightmare!Sans power. The story is currently continuing from this point as [REDACTED] Chara and friends answer questions from askers.


There are currently four endings to the story that have yet to be drawn and added to the storyline comic.

  • The first is the bad ending where [REDACTED]!Chara captures Nightmare and Error Sans and tortures them to the point of PTSD, anxiety, stuttering, deep depression, and insanity before making the universe crush inwards on itself.
  • The second ending is the good ending, where [REDACTED]!Chara changes their ways and forgives Error!Sans, before going off to live with Core!Frisk in the Omega Timeline.
  • The third ending is the joke ending. Where [REDACTED]!Chara tries to destroy the original Undertale and ends up meeting Toby Fox. (The rest is a surprise.)
  • The fourth is the same as the second, but instead [REDACTED]!Chara kills herself from guilt.









Inverted Core


  • The entire AU was inspired by Error's quote where he mentions destroying two universes after he has abandoned Blueberry in the antivoid, those being Fatal!Error's and according to this one, Fonttale.
  • Each Major Character represents a part of the creator. [REDACTED]!Chara being the creators depression and anger, Winny being their optimism and happiness, Weedy being their humor and lust, Wortoxy being their instincts and creativity, Windy being their anxiety and fears, O being them as a member of the fandom community, Pacifist!R being their hope and bravery, and Inverted Core being their dreams and nightmares.