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[REDACTED]!Chara is a semi-insane Chara that has been traumatized by seeing her own universe destroyed by Error!Sans as well as many disturbing universes, and is the main character in [REDACTEDtale]. She has destroyed her own soul to prevent giving power to Nightmare!Sans. She is currently trying to find a way to destroy the multiverse with a super weapon capable of crushing dimensions.

Created by IredactedI.


Chara was once a normal human female who lived in a village nearby Mount Ebott. She fell into the Underground due to unknown reasons and met Frisk and Asriel down in the Underground. Eventually after a couple years Error!Sans invaded her universe and destroyed everything in front of her before gruesomely killing her. Due to the glitches used to destroy her world, she survived and was warped to the antivoid where she suffered the agony of melting alive for a while. Once she got herself together, she eventually found a way to escape the antivoid and travel through dimensions and timelines. She would meet the friends she knows today while watching the multiverse suffer as it does, and eventually discovered Nightmare!Sans. Upon discovering them, she was terrified, and in her fear and sorrow, she destroyed her own soul in order to not feed him with her negative emotions. She is currently working on a superweapon to crush the multiverse in on itself in order to "end all misery" and owns a facility where she tortures and experiments on people she finds "unworthy to live."

Abilities and Weaknesses

Redacted seems to be immune to code-based attacks and can use her ability to morph her acidic body to turn her limbs into long weapons to melt people. She owns a super weapon which is assumed to be deep within her facility, but it is malfunctional. She is however weak to genuine kindness and materials that are able to freeze her, allowing her to be shattered.



Winny is one of her oldest friends. It is unknown how they met but they seem to be working together. However, it seems Redacted is forcing Winny to work for her against his will.


Weedy is technically not even her friend, but she cannot fight him off due to his god-like powers and allows him to stay.


She absolutely hates Error and is hellbent on capturing and torturing him. However, due to the INTEGRITY effect on AUs, she is unable to.


Redacted knows and has seen Core!Frisk and plans on using them to find a way to destroy the multiverse. She knows all their fears and has a slight distaste towards them. Despite this, she does respect them.


Although Nightmare Sans has never noticed or seen her, she is terrified of him due to his insane power and control. Despite this, she aims to either kill or capture him to experiment on, as she sees him as another way to destroy the multiverse.


Despite having never met Ink, she hates him and views him as one of the main causes of suffering in the multiverse.


Redacted has a list of people she wants to torture and kill. This list is made up of mostly Destroyers, Horror! characters, and Fell! characters. However Ink!Sans is on it as well.


Angry Chara

Redacted glitching in anger.

Very Angry Chara

Redacted in her "Shadow" form.

Old Chara

Redacted before she died and became glitched.

Original Chara

The original concept art of Redacted on an unknown system.

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