Quick warpings is a AU that takes place after the neutral run. After Frisk left the Underground, they went back to their home, but soon got killed in a car crash. Soon, another human fell into the Underground, and lots of things have changed.

Character Changes

  • Sarah - Frisk
  • Asgore - Chara
  • Flowey - Flowey
  • Asriel - Asriel
  • Sans - Toriel
  • Semi - Sans
  • Gaster - Papyrus
  • Papyrus - Undyne
  • Alphys - Alphys
  • Undyne - Alphys (Undyne and Alphys are lab partners)
  • Monster Kid - Mettaton
  • Goner Kid - Napstablook
  • Temmie - Temmie
  • Toriel - Asgore

Location Changes

  • The Ruins is more classified.
  • Toriel's house looks more fit for Sans.
  • Snowdin is way more safer than it was before.

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