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Template:Dialogue Purgetale was created by underfllow. Purgetale is a AU, That is a cross between Undertale and the "Purge" movies. It's set in an urban environment, where there are many, many more monsters than in Undertale. Asgore passed a law that states that all crime is allowed for one night only (to reduce crime, violence and homelessness). All the characters that are seen in Undertale are part of the resistance, fighting Asgore and the Purge.

Frisk falls while the Purge is about to begin. (There are many other characters that do not take part in the Purge). Because there are thousands of monsters in this AU, some take part of the Purge, and others are just normal monsters that are not taking part in the Purge. The plot is very similar to Undertale, the only difference is The Purge, and the fact that there is thousands of monsters.

The Pacifist run is where Frisk joins the Resistance with Sans and Papyrus. At the end of the Pacfist run, all the good monsters go free, and all the Purging monsters are forced to stay in the Underground. (You can kill purging monsters in the Pacifist run). The Neutral run is when Frisk, just leaves the Underground, doesn't Purge or join the Resistance. The genocide run is when Frisk listens to Chara and takes part in the purge. The normal locations in Undertale have changed to be more urban, for example, the ruins are a old, run-down apartment block, the judgement hall is replaced with a car park, etc.


Frisk: Frisk falls down to the Underground a few hours before the Purge takes place.

Chara: Chara is the same. Tries to convince Frisk to take part in the Purge.

Asriel/Flowey: Asriel and Flowey are also the same as he is in Undertale.

Toriel: Toriel is caretaker of the ruins and part of the Resistance. She makes tries to make sure Frisk stays with her.

Sans: Sans is the brother of Papyrus and part of the Resistance. Sans and Papyrus will try to convince you to come with them and join the Resistance. He's still his lazy self. 

Papyrus: Papyrus is the brother of Sans and part of the Resistance. He and Sans both try to convince you to join the Resistance. He's the same as he is in Undertale.

Undyne: Undyne is the leader of the Resistance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Alphys: Alphys is the scientist for the Resistance. She invents different weapons for them.

Asgore: Asgore passes the Purge law. If you spare him, he'll take back the Purge law.

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