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Heya am pun, pun the hotdog skeleton -pun introducing himself                                                          

Pun, or PEOPLE!Sans, is one of the main character in UnderPeople.


Sans wears a dyed carbon fiber jacket that resembles a hotdog with a bun. The jacket is the same colour of a hotdog bun on the top and bottom. The middle is brownish-red (symbolising a hotdog) with red and yellow squiggly lines (symbolising ketchup and mustard). Under the jacket, he wears a white T-shirt with a hotdog on it, along with black gym shorts like his undertale counterpart's.


Sans is almost the same as his Undertale counterpart. The only difference is that he excels at science and likes hotdogs instead of ketchup.


Pun and hotdogs is just new, starting yesterday(may 23 2017) and PAHD doesn't have a spite maker or editor and he is lazy to make a drawings so you can make drawings or sprites.


Defence:100(due to him having a carbon jacket) 

attack:2(for killng a ants)

Health points:2(for killing a ants)

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