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"yo, i'm sans. anything else?"
– sans, more or less introducing himself.

Sans (more formally Punk!sans) is a main/supporting character in the Underpunk! AU. He is a skeleton monster who inhabits Snowdin, along with his brother (Papyrus), Undyne, and the Protagonist.



IMG 0961

official art of sans' full appearance.

Like canonical sans, punk sans wears a hoodie, but instead dark grey/black with pants, boots, and fingerless gloves. He also dons a black eyepatch covering his right eye-socket. sans has abnormally sharp, protruding fangs in his mouth. It's also implied he owns other clothing, such as a leather jacket (rarely worn) and a pair of black panda slippers, mentioned for comedic overtones in regards to his canon counterpart.


Ever since the last reset leading up to the anarchy, Sans has become more "stony-faced" and monosyllabic in his dialogue. Hence his nickname, "Frowning Trashbag", Sans wears a constant frown (instead of his previous affixed grin), showing hardly any emotion. He does however, show a marginal amount of care for the protagonist, Undyne, and Papyrus.

Sans also has little to no "filter" in his speech, resulting in degrees of profane language whereas he tends to speak before thinking. He also "deadpans", delivering dry humor through his anti-puns (ironic jokes intended not to be funny) as recollection for once being a comedian. He still however; retains former traits such as his laziness, and love for science fiction.


Sans is mostly, if not responsible for taking care of the human protagonist. He is also sports being lead guitarist in the formed band: Helvetica (named after the font). Surprisingly enough, despite his laziness, Sans is said to be in charge of domestic household needs: such as cooking and cleaning.


Not much is mentioned as far as Sans' abilities, other than hints of psychokinesis (using magic). It is unknown whether his infused soul gives him additional magical abilities, since he is never seen using them. He has a motorcycle (said to be made by Alphys) with the face of a blaster, imprinted: G.B. (Gaster Blaster) on its side.

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