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"Itching for a beating - I mean, drum lesson?"
– Undyne

Undyne (more formally Punk!Undyne) is a main occurring character in the Underpunk! AU . She is a fish monster who originally lived in Waterfall, but moved to Snowdin along with sans, Papyrus, and Frisk.



IMG 1117

Official art of Undyne's full appearance.

Undyne doesn't stray too far from her canon design, such as her eye patch, fiery red hair, and sharp teeth. She does however; wear her hair down most of the time and is shown to sometimes be drawn with piercings on her left fin. Her usual outfit is shown to be a studded leather jacket, jeans, fingerless gloves, and black boots. (On occasion) she is shown to have a star drawn on her right cheek.


Undyne is extremely tenacious and aggressive. She has a poor reputation for pulling punches (behaving unrestrained, saying what one really means), but is very much capable in terms of physical strength and ability because of once being in the Royal Guard. Undyne is also seen to be very competitive (or headstrong), and always does things to the best of her ability. This often clashes with personalities such as sans, who is also very stubborn.


Other than being involved with the group's mischief, Undyne is also a member of the formed band: Helvetica (font) as the drummer.


Undyne harnesses the ability of controlling magical spears, and turning the Protagonist's soul to Green during battle. It is unknown whether the human soul she possesses gives her additional abilities.

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