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Pucca is the protagonist of MylenaHoodTale and Frisk replacer as the one who falls in the world of Monsters (or Discovery Cartoons,in this case).


Pucca is an silent but caring girl that ended falling into the Cartoonground as the Last Fallen Cartoon and the Last Decider for the Peaceful (Pacifist),Wrecked (Genocide),or Still-in-Shaping (Neutral) future of it.Pucca's caring behavior is showable in the Pacifist Run.While that,Pucca's agressive behavior starts to be manipulated by Rita (the First Fallen Cartoon,also an Female) in the Genocide Run until it take her all over.Since Pucca ins't talkable,she uses body language to communicate.


Do the Dodo

In the official fanfic,when she first saw Do,Pucca though that he was trustful and helpful until he attacked her.

Rita the Fallen Cartoon

They relationship is as mysterious as the one of Frisk and Chara.However,in the official fanfic (who pass in the Pacifist Run),Rita guides Pucca as an spirit.

Angelina Ballerina

All Pucca's trust for Do was passed to Angelina when she saved her from him.It was heart-breaking when she was forced to leave her.

Tyrone and Pablo

Pucca sometimes laughs to herself because of the sillyness of the Two friends duo.

(More will be added on as the fanfic continues)


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