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Psychotale is a strange AU created by Nannex Runner. Sans and Papyrus do not exist in this AU. Instead, you have Zanz and Sibyl. They are artifices created by an alternate version of Gaster who was able to escape the void. Unlike most AUs, Psychotale has no pacifist route. As soon as the human fell into the Underground, they began killing. Shortly after they arrived in the underground, a mysterious power smashed Zanz through every alternate universe in existence, giving him knowledge of every AU except one as not to pull on his sanity which begins to wear thin as genocide progresses. This power also enhanced his natural powers and awakened his soul trait of HATRED. Psychotale is still a work in progress. Nannex said he didn't know how long it would go on for, but it will end eventually. It can be read on Watt-pad. Nannex Runner can be followed on Tumblr at



Zanz takes the place of Sans in this AU. A soul artifice created by Dr. Gaster, he is the oldest of the two artifice. His soul trait is HATRED and his weapons of choice are Gaster Blasters, Gaster Hands, Greek Fire, Knives, and ST (soul trait) injections. After the death of his family, his sanity begins to leave him. He wears a trench hood that is black with two navy blue stripes on each side.


Sibyl is the second of the two artifice and the sister of Zanz. She takes the place of Papyrus. She became the head of the Royal Guard by being recommended by Undyne when she retired. She excels at cooking and cares for Zanz deeply. She is rumored by Nannex to have an extremely powerful special attack. She wears a a scarf, hoodie, and leg armor made by Gaster from metal and magic.


After escaping the void, he tries to make up for his mistakes and acts as a loving father towards Zanz and Sibyl.


Absolutely deranged, he killed Toriel and his body leaks with LOVE because he can't contain it. Trying to change his wicked ways, he and Zanz exchange horrible jokes and puns daily.

The Human

An unstopable force of genocidal destruction.


A voice inside the Human's head

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