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About the AU

Project Undertale or "PUT" is a Switch Up AU. However, the switches make no sense whatsoever. My friend Middy now owns this AU.

Midnight, or as Trash calls her, 'Middy', is going to possibly make some fanart and sprites for this AU, along with an actual storyline and character development.

Character Swaps

  • Monster Kid switches with Frisk (and vice versa).
  • Flowey is the same, but their pronouns are "they" rather than "him".
  • Toriel is switched with Mettaton (and vice versa).
  • Napstablook is switched with Asgore (and vice versa).
  • Sans is switched with Alphys (and vice versa).
  • Papyrus is switched with Undyne (and vice versa).
  • Asriel is switched with Chara (and vice versa).

Character Changes

  • Sans still enjoys ketchup, but admits to Papyrus that he dislikes the use of it on Papyrus's spaghetti (don't even ask, let's just say that Papyrus puts ketchup on his spaghetti instead of tomato sauce.)
  • At the TRL Resort, MK can purchase TRL-Brand Pies for 50G.
  • Mettaton does not bake Monster Kid pie, instead he offers them 300G to stay with him. Regardless if they say yes or no, he will give it to you anyway.
    • Though he does attempt, if asked, to make MK a pie. It burns to a crisp (though later on it can be used to heal).
  • When MK first enters the throne room, he encounters King Napstablook listening to a mixtape on his throne.
  • Also, Chara in this is no longer a human, they are a monster that closely resembles a human in most ways besides the magic.
  • During a Neutral or Normal Pacifist Run (as in, not the Genocide or the True Pacifist Run), King Napstablook, after fighting him, will give up and head into the afterlife, no longer existing in the normal realm.


Before the Main Story

Many years ago, two races lived over the Surface, Humans and Monsters. They lived in peace for many decades, but then the humans discovered that monsters could absorb their SOULs and became paranoid that they would do so and overpower the humans in order to take over. 

So, like the stupid beings they are, they attacked the monsters, despite the fact that the monsters never actually did anything to harm the humans.

The monsters fought back, but the humans, filled with their determination, won and trapped the monsters under a mountain eerily close to a human town.

Some say that several humans who listened to this legend ventured out to the mountain.

None have returned.

Mt. Ttobe



  • Sans was originally Undyne and Papyrus was Alphys.
  • There were sprites for this AU, but they're gonna be remade.
  • This was originally going to be named, but the creator couldn't think of one, and Midnight likes the name anyway.
  • This AU was adopted by Midnight from DITLOR.
  • The reason why the Human, Monster Kid, is called that, is because he has a strange birth defect that left him with no arms, and people are very cruel.
  • When Mettaton first arrived at the Ruins, he was incorporeal, but him and Alphys started talking about anime through the door and he told Alphys how much he wanted a body, she asked Sans to build one for her, and she left it out the door, where Mettablook found it and claimed it as his own.