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Programmer Frisk is a character with... little information as far as her origins are concerned. She has theorized that perhaps she became aware of the Code and because of this either splintered from her original AU, or perhaps something she or someone else did caused as much. Really, she has no clue. However it happened however, she woke up with vague knowledge of a past life- a standard pacifist timeline- as well as the Code, inside what she has come to call "The Den".

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Programmer Frisk looks like most other Frisk's, with the brown hair, and the blue and purple clothing. However, she has been out of the Code for a long time. She isn't entirely sure how long since time seems to pass differently not only between AUs but also in the space between and outside of them. As near as she can tell though, she is 23 or 24 or something close to that. Meaning biologically she has aged around 11 years since arriving.

She has come to enjoy much more casual clothing, given she is by herself the majority of the time this means shorts and a tank top. She has taken to wearing a purple lab coat ,that she found in one of the many unused rooms around the Code, tied around her waist, because it looks cool and makes her look a little like Ink. She also wears a headset, with a mic and two heart shaped lights that she made herself set into them, and she got a thorn vine tattoo on her right bicep from one of the many Sans' in The Omega Timeline, who was apparently a tattoo artist in his AU? A lot of strange people live there, so she doesn't question it.


Programmer Frisk is kind, and caring, if a little rough around the edges. After all she did come from a Pacifist timeline. She loves puns, a trait that has only been reinforced given how many Sans are roaming around outside of their AUs. She has a lot of issues with people, flipping between being Asocial to extremely clingy with them, due to her first six months(ish) of isolation from the rest of existence.Most of all though, she is obsessed with the Code. She spends her days, and often months, studying the way it works, tweaking small things in the "Test Rooms" -as she has taken to calling them- scattered around outside the AUs. Learning what does what and how to create and modify anything she could hope to. Excluding life... That... Went poorly...

She managed to connect her set up in The Den to the Omeganet- the Omega Timeline's internet-, and various other Human and Monster internet networks across the AUs to keep herself entertained. Because of this, she has become quite the... how to put it... Meme.

Once Upon A Code - Programmer!Frisk Theme03:18

Once Upon A Code - Programmer!Frisk Theme

Once Upon A Code

Once Upon A Code, Programmer Frisk's theme ->


Programmer Frisk has studied the Code and learned how to write in it, manipulating it to her whims. With her phone or tablet, or her full set up in the Den, she can do near anything. Though she refuses to touch living creatures, she does try to clean up glitches and buggy areas in the AUs. Though I should note, she has to have a method of editing the Code to use any abilities. Take her tech and deprive her of it, and she is just a ticked off human like anyone else.

Specific Abilities or "Mods"

  • Speed - Speeds up the target's movement speed by up to 1000%
  • Slow-Mo - Slows down a target's movement speed, though only for a short time
  • Teleport - She can teleport freely not only within, but outside of and between AUs and Timelines
  • Friction - She can change the level of friction objects have on one another, making a surface extremely slippery or near impossible to move from for a time, though only for objects up to as big as your average Sans (Don't ask why she uses that as reference, weird things happen sometimes)
  • Misc - She is also capable of changing objects' textures, colors, opacity, weight, and size, as well as creating shortcuts for others to use- in and out of AU/Code, and to create or remove nearly anything she can make. She has a preset of a few objects she can spawn in, like a conveniently shaped lamp, a box, several various badly coded rocks, and a bush.

The Den

The Den is a safe haven outside of the Code. A solid box that is shockingly entirely stable. When she first arrived, all Frisk had to work with was a chair, a cardboard box, and an old laptop of unknown make. However, as she learned more and more about the Code, she slowly began constructing her own computers and systems, copying code from more technologically advanced AUs to repurpose. Now she has full control over the Den, changing its appearance, temperature, lighting, and anything with her phone or tablet. When she is away, she usually keeps it as a dark grungy metal box, to make it unassuming to any who stumble upon it. When inside though, she usually just has screens and keyboards everywhere, with a large cushioned bed in the center.


She is friendly with most Sans' and other Out-Code characters, such as Core!Frisk and Ink. Mainly the neutral or Protectors. She has also been to the Omega Timeline on many occasions, since that is the only place she can really be guaranteed to find people to talk to. She has tried to fix many issues that have been spreading across the AUs- she refuses to mess with Error because his code is a mess, and she has yet to react to Cross' Knife Hack. She has put considerable effort into creating an antivirus to block Rainbow.exe from spreading to major AU crossroads, such as Swap, Classic, and the Omega Timeline itself, though they have yet to be targeted, so she is unaware if it has been effective.


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