Attack damage: 100

Hp: 1000 Abilities: GB, (shoots red) bones, (bottom is spikes and broken like killer sans' bones) and blue bones Cloths: wears a black bandana, wears a yellow jacket, and grey shoes! (btw he still has black shorts) He has a crack in skull scars in both eye sockets sharp

teeth Eyes: When flash both flash red, sometimes pitch black when he's serious, and one eye has a pupil and other is black (your left has pupil his left doesn't your right doesn't his right he does hope you get it) Facts: he is evil and serious. He likes nutella (XD underground version) his brother Papyrus is smart not like main. His paps has GB to and is evil. Paps made the scars on Sanz. You battle him 2 times pacifist and genocide. Frisk gains lvl and gets to a next level by killing one monster (because sans has 1000 hp and it's impossible to kill him with just lvl 19 or 20. In that universe everyone is evil. Even Toriel you sometimes have to a VOID her. -man who speaks in hands is powerful than the skelebros- chara is still evil and asriel was kind but asgore and Toriel got evil because of the death of both children. If you do genocide you can have a battle with chara. If you win you get to get a monster soul and go to the surface. Other main characters like alphys and MTT are just evil like always (I said evil ALOT) oh undyne is more determined to. But sanz is more. I think that's all I might add more to it. (credit to Sage Temmie The Fox for helping me with the name of au and sanz

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