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Predictatale is an AU created by LucyFlowers.

It was originally a comedy comic series inspired by Hungertale, but recently has started to have more of it's own story. The story starts off just like Undertale, but instead of Frisk, there is a new character called Tag who is very similar to the author. As the series progresses, there are bigger changes in the comic, such as Chara following the Tag and Sans, being able to see Chara.

(Oh, and by the way, its all made on Pokemon Art Academy so it's gonna get a bit confusing when it comes to getting it online)


Unpredictatale is the sequel to Predictatale and is where Frisk, mixed with Chara's evilness, makes Tag do a genocide run. (so informative)


  • Tag is the protagonist of the series and was created by Chara after she grew tired of Frisk. They have Frisks code and Chara's evilness, which they do not know about. In Unpredictatale, they are controlled by Frisk, who makes them do a genocide run.
  • Chara follows Tag around during Predictatale and is the one who made them. She didn't want to be evil anymore so she explored the game files and took her evilness out of her code. She grew tired of Frisk because she can become bored rather easily, so she decided to replace Frisk with someone else. In Unpredictatale, Chara takes some of Sans' code so that she can stop Tag.
  • Frisk was a pacifist, but Chara got bored of her, so she decided to change her code to create Tag, When Sans put Chara's evilness into Frisk's code, he messed it up, making what remained of Frisk into an evil, Chara-like version. During Predictatale, Frisk occasionally pops up when Chara is not there and talks to Tag, hinting at what Tag is. At the end of Predictatale, Frisk finally gains enough power to control Tag, and makes them reset so they can do a genocide run.
  • Sans accidentally got inside of the game files after Chara unknowingly put him there. He saw Frisk's/Tag's code as it was under construction and a bit of code saying 'ME' (standing for 'My Evilness'). He thought it had broken off the code so he put it on. Due to him being in the game files for so long while doing this, his code glitched, making him able to see Chara.


  • The main characters name (Tag) comes from protagonist.
  • Tag's clothes have similar colors to Frisk's.
  • In Predictatale, Tag has Chara's hair, while in Unpredictatale, she has Frisk's
  • Only Tag, Frisk and Sans can see Chara.
  • A shortened version of the name is PAT
  • The motto for the comic series is 'It's an AU, I can do what I want!'
  • Another motto is 'When in doubt, add montages!'
  • Tag's favorite color is blue ('cause we all needed to know that.)
  • There's a little joke the author likes to make where, even though it is obvious that Tag is a girl, everyone refers to them as 'they'.

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