Predictatale is an AU created by Lucy57. It was originally a comedy comic series inspired by Hungertale, but recently has started to have more of it's owns story.

The story starts off just like Undertale, but instead of Frisk, there is a new character that is very similar to the author. As the series progresses, there are bigger changes in the comic. Such as: Chara following the protagonist and Sans being able to see Chara.

(Oh, and by the way, its all made on Pokemon Art Academy so it's gonna get a bit confusing when it comes to getting it online)

When I figure out how to create better wiki pages, i'll make this better. Sorry!


Unpredictatale is the sequel to Predictatale and is where Frisk uses Chara's evilness to make Tag do a genocide run.

(Don't wanna put spoilers down for the NON-EXISTENT fans.)


  • The main characters name (Tag) comes from protagonist. (Also apparently it's a boys name and Tag is a girl so it's kinda like Frisk)
  • Tag's clothes have similar colours to frisk's too.
  • Only Tag and Sans can see Chara.
  • The motto for the comic series is 'It's an AU, i can do what i want!'

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