"Anyone else whose been through what I have would have gone insane."
-Power Sans

Power Sans is a soulless Sans with much more power than classic Sans. He lives in powertale which is currently a void. His brother is dead.


He has gaster blasters just like any other Sans except they do more damage and eyes are red as well as the beemsand has the ability to create ultimate gaster blasters.

He has soul cords that will perce the soul leaving them immobile and easy to attack.

His bones are just normal.

He can open portals to other AU's


He can't show compassion for anyone as he has no soul. If he enters a fight he will try to seem weak then later use his full power. He loves his brother and Lille's to try to get him back, evrythi he does he think about his brother, he is mostly later back during battles as he is shire that he is stronger even if he isn't. He will use mental torture to make people easier to defeat by killing the ones they love.


He wears a red jacket and red striped pants with black slippers. His eyes constantly flame red similar to Sans's one eye, but both are red and constantly flaming.


power papyrus: Papyrus is his brother

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