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Position Swap is an AU where the character positions are swapped.

Character Changes

Main Characters

  • The Empty One Role is taken by Toriel, she tries to train Frisk when her attack gets glitched by an error and surrounds them in fire.
  • The Caretaker Role is taken by Flowey, who pretends to be nice (which Frisk finds out later that he is not). Before he leaves, he says when he finds you later he'll snap and throw you towards the basement, where he'll attack you.
  • The Judge Role is taken by Papyrus, who finds you after you escape the Ruins and challenges you to a puzzle. He becomes Disbelief Papyrus on the Genocide Route.
  • The Ambitious Role is taken by Sans, who says he knows you will kill his brother and attacks you if you do kill him.
  • The Captain of the Guard Role is taken by Alphys, who repeatedly attacks you in her self-defense. In Genocide, she saves the Snowdin bear and then summons Mettaton.
  • The Royal Scientist Role is taken by Undyne, who flees in sadness over the death of the Royal Guards in Pacifist or Alphys in Genocide.
  • The Celebrity Role is taken by Asgore, after his Pacifist fight at the end of the lab, you talk to a scientist. On the Genocide path, you fight Asgore and his army of Royal Guards.
  • The Photoshop Flowey fight is replaced by Toriel, who is consumed by Flowey, which turns her into a deadly threat.
  • The Soulless Angel Role is taken by Gaster, who glitches into existence after Frisk defeats Toriel,and in fear tries to kill them, unaware that they spared everyone.

Minor Characters

  • The Recluse Role is taken by Doggo, being the only dog lame enough to stick in the Ruins. Doggo is also a citizen of Waterfall before he went on his training mission to the Ruins.
  • The Pettable Role is taken by Dogamy and Dogaressa.
  • The Blind Role is taken by Napstablook, in Snowdin crying out in the snow where nobody will find him.
  • The Unit Pair Role is taken by Lesser Dog.
  • The Secret Boss Role is taken by Mad Dummy, who gets mad watching you walk around in circles.
  • The Enraged Role is taken by Glyde who is swimming in the water.
  • The Other Pair Role is taken by Muffet, she was kicked out of her tea shop on to the streets by the Royal Guards.
  • The Outrageous Vender Role is taken by the Royal Guards, keeping watch of Muffet's former tea shop.
  • The Accidental God Role is taken by So Sorry
  • The Club Member Role is taken by the Annoying Dog, whose battle is a secret.

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