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Pocket sized might be a AU or a random idea, but its about all users and some outcodes and undertale AU characters in the Undertale AU wiki shrink, turned into a size of a Hand, or a pocket. And who will take care of them? their IRL selves, some of them don't have someone to take care of, but they can take care of themselves, or their pocket-sized friends have to keep a eye on them.

Well, ur welcome to not be included in this AU, as this is just for fun.

The AU


Well, during them editing, someone cast a spell on them, shrinking them into a size of a hand or a pocket, they are afraid at first ( Except for some of them, they are like "WHAT JUST HAPPENED? ) until they find out the other ones shrank too. They all wondered who cast a spell on them, Half of them wanna stay smol, and half of them wanna go back to their own size.


Literally ALL users, i mean ALL of them, in this WIKIA. To try making this related to the topic of this wikia...Well All outcodes shrank too. But not the popular ones, like Ink, error, and ones i am way too lazy to list. ( We are not including offsprings, rip.. ) Just, like CNAS, ST, Create!Sans... anything. But because i dont have their permissions, i.. i wont add them.




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