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Story of PlanetSwitch

Long ago two races ruled over the Earth peacefully. Humans and Monsters, humans were superior to monsters because of their powerful souls but as we all know everyone and everything has a weakness and that weakness is the monsters being able to absorb humans' souls after their deaths making the monsters unstoppable beasts. The human king declared war on the monsters they all retreated far into the galaxy in the spaceships that they stole from humanity. Soon the monsters began to live on Mars, years passed and they soon found out that a magical barrier is preventing them from escaping, it required 7 human souls to break. One by one humanity sent small human children to investigate the planet the monsters lived on, 6 of them were killed and only 1 human saved them all / destroyed them all...

PlanetSwitch Roles

Liam - 7th Human (Role Of Frisk)

Asgore - Butter The Buttercup (Role of Flowey)

Undyne - Fish-Ghost (Role of Napstablook)

Chara - Caretaker of The Ruins (Role of Toriel)

Burgerpants - Snowdin Sentry / Judge (Role of Sans)

Nice Cream Guy - Royal Guard (Role of Papyrus)

W.D Gaster- Captain of The Royal Guard / The Hidden True Hero (Role of Undyne)

Sans - Royal Scientist (Role of Alphys)

Papyrus - Robotic Entertainer (Role of MTT)

Asriel - Raum König / Star King (Role Of Asgore)

Asgore - Prince of The Underground (Role of Asriel)

Toriel - Murderous Goat (Role of Chara)

Napstablook - The Forgotten Scientist (Role of Gaster)

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