Omega Memelord is the presumed final boss of the Neutral ending of Undertale Repainted. Omega Memelord is a repainted version of Photoshop Flowey.


In Battle


  • Omega Memelord will shoot projectiles at the player similar to how Photoshop Flowey shoots X shapes.
  • Omega Memelord will blast powerful pillars of fire, while the voice of Mario states "fire".
  • Omega Memelord release the head of VineSauce Joel appears from the bottom side as the heads of Barry Bee Benson flying towards to Joel with an Nicolas Cage saying "NOT THE BEES!".
  • Omega Memelord will shoot laser out with an nightmarish skeleton.
  • An Bullet Bill will shoot while the voice of an man yelling "GUN!".




  • Howdy! | It's me, REPAINTED. | GAMES REPAINTED! | I owe you a HUGH thanks. | You've all repainted so many games now... | Without you, I NEVER could have gotten past them. | But now, with YOUR help... | They're MEMED. | And I'VE got the memes SOULS!
  • Boy! | It's been so long since the last major repainting. | It feels great to have MEMES inside me again. | Mmmm, I can feel them wriggling... | Awww, you're feeling left out, aren't you? | Well, that's just perfect. | After all, I only have six souls. | I still need one more... | Before I become GOD. | And then, with my newfound powers... | Monsters. | Humans. | Everyone. | I'll show them all the REAL meaning of this world.
  • Oh, and forget about escaping to your old SAVE FILE. | It's gone FOREVER. | But don't worry. | Your old friend REPAINTED... | Has worked out a replacement for you! | I'll SAVE over your own death. | So you can watch me tear you to bloody pieces... | Over, and over, and over...
  • ... what the f###? | Do you really think you can stop ME? | Hee hee hee... | You really ARE and A######.

In Battle


Game Over



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