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Photo Negative sans is a world completely made to look inverted. This World is Not just a game either since it's inverted that means some of the character roles and gaming styles is inverted as well. As such Asgore is a good king and no matter what he will defend any child no matter they're intentions. Toriel is not so kind and will just ant to harm or get rid of fallen children no matter what. Undyne and Alphys are no longer gay, Alphys is a great scientist and Undyne is no longer a royal guard, but instead is a Shop owner and works at grillby's. Sans is the royal guard captain and papyrus is his right-hand man. and YOU will have to help them see what they are doing is wrong.


Photo Negative Sans is a skeleton of many secrets he keeps to himself, doesn't want anything to do with friendships and has a loves the taste of pizza. He also doesn't spend a lot of time with Papyrus cause he finds him annoying, he has a terrible fear of mannequins and absolutely has a fetish of with killing bunnies.


Black Magic

This ability makes the opponents soul black so you can't see your heart which makes it almost impossible to move out of the way of attacks, he can also use this to disguise his attacks as well.

Dark Blaster

These new types of blasters are used for instead of releasing the energy they suck it in. so when one is one the screen it will attempt to suck away your determination making your soul gray and not so full of determination.

Bone Attack

Standard attack


He seems to look just like the original sans, but inverted his skull and bones appear to be black and his insides are yellow along with his soul. He wears an orange jacket with a black hood.


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