"Hey.....Im Photo Negtive Sans..."


PhotoNegtive!Sans is sans but his jacket is blue and the rest of his bones are black and he is wearing white shorts and wearing blue shoes he is the brother of Sans...? and trys to protect his brother from Error!Sans from turning him into a puppet for his collection.

He can use a power called photo negtive which makes a victum photo negtive and have no emotions and they will slowly die off as their soul cracks inside and when there soul cracks photoNegtive!Sans can control the victum that was killed to do whatever he likes.

He can also make portals to other au universes.


he is the oldest brother of him and protects him from error sans and trys to protect him from becoming a puppet for error sans to control.


He hates error sans and wants to make him a photo negtive and destroy his soul inside error sans.


the only weakness of Photo Negtive Sans is to changing his coloer with powers when he is back in his orginal form he cant matain his body no more meaning his soul will crack and he will dissapear and become forgotten.


He is friends with Ink!Sans and hangs out with him sometime.


He is scared of error horror sans.


Megalovnia g major=

song that might play when you fight sans g major=

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