PhantomTale is a change where as the characters are Phantoms or well moreover phantomified. An example is that Sans still is a skeleton but has no legs, instead, he has a ghostly like a leg, and his hoody is always on.

About the Au

The Plot of PhantomTale revolves around the characters being changed towards some sort of Phantom like body. Such as Sans having no legs and his hoodie always being on. He has those ghostly legs instead. Or Papyrus having more of a beastly like phantom appearance. When W'D Gaster created the core, Everyone in PhantomTale's code was caused by a glitch in a result of a change of appearance. They were instead banished into a Ghost Void for thousands of years, to float in an abyss of nothing but this green giant circle. Eventually, they fell into the Underground, when they came out they're physical appearance changed and some may have different abilities.

Another Problem was, PhantomTale's code was unstable, to stabilize the code one had to be erased completely of Code, this one was Asgore. No one remembered him.


Sans has no legs, instead, has that ghostly legs(kinda like how you see in Spongebob the flying Dutchman if you've seen it before). His hoodie is always on and walking through him isn't very......a good idea....(you get ectoplasm all over you.).

Papyrus has more of a beastly-phantom appearance and still has legs. He's like some sort of mutant skeleton.

W.D Gaster looks mostly the same. but however he's always floating, and the end of his outfit the little tentacle looking things are always going up and down.

Flowey is a Mohavea Confertiflora also known as the Ghost Flower. He is extremely translucent and hard to notice.

Toriel has no legs, and has the same type of legs as Sans. She doesn't change much except instead of fireballs she shoots a teal ectoplasm blast.

Undyne is a Warrior Ghost, who uses a Sword and Shield and protects the underground.

Alphys is a Scientist Ghost trying to figure on how to break the barrier

Mettaton's robot body just exploded now hes a ghost again

Asgore was erased from code.

Asriel is technically flowey.

Napstablook does not change as he is already a ghost.

Chara is the first fallen human. Has a black and white appearance with very dark hair.

Frisk is the eighth fallen human. has a black and white appearance with a black t-shirt, also with very dark hair.

Minor Characters

Most of them just have a ghostly appearance now.

Soul Changes


Color: Red| Items: Ghost Dagger, Ghost Shield| Combat: Normal Mode: Free Movement, Can go intangible for 10 seconds every 4 turns. | Transformation: Determined Phantom required item: Determinated Ornamenet


Color: Light Blue| Items: Ghost Blade.| Combat: Inflicts Damage unless the SOUL does not move. |Photoshop Flowey: Same as before.| Transformation: Patient Ghost required item: Patient Sparkler


Color: Orange| Items: Extrandorinary Ectoplasm Glove, Orange Manly Bandanna | Combat: Inflicts damage by shooting orange ecto orb.| Photoshop Flowey: same as before|Transformation: Brave Specter required item: Brave Paragon


Color: Blue|Items: Figment Cloak and Toy Cutlass|Combat: Jump Mode Unless Soul has transformed| Photoshop Flowey: same as before except attacks with Toy Cutlass instead and Ghostly Cloak blocks 1-5% of damage. | Transformation: Purified Hallucination


Color: Purple|Items: Phantasm Dagger and Spellbook.| Combat: Trap Mode| Photoshop flowey: same as before except attacks with Phantasm Dagger and shields with spellbook(1 block every 5-6 turns).| Transformation: Resiliant Wraith


Color: Green|Items: Mirage Rapier and Grey Sweater| Combat: Shield Mode| Photoshop Flowey: Same except attacks with Rapiers.| Transformation: Broken Kind Nightmare


Color: Yellow| Items: Illusion Gun and Cowboy Hat(with Feather on side).| Combat: Shooter Mode/Pet Mode: Is upside down except an extra soul for pet.|Photoshop flowey: same except has help from pet.| Pet: Must be Tamed: Tamables |Transformation: Daydream Chimera


None Yet

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