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PersonalitySwap is a work-in-progress AU created by GoldenDust66. Rather than the characters swapping, they stay the same in the story, just their personalities are swapped.

Main Characters


Frisk stays exactly the same as canon Undertale.


Asriel, rather than swapping with Monster Kid, switches place with Chara. Hence, you meet him at the end of a Genocide Route. He is calm at first, but gets violent if you refuse to erase the timeline.


Chara swaps places with Asriel. Hence, she possesses Flowey (who is now named Flora) and you fight her at the end of a True Pacifist Route.


Flora is exactly like Flowey in canon Undertale, except she is female, her stem is a little bit darker and she has Chara's cheeks.


As Toriel and Asgore (as far as I know) don't have many differences in personality, she doesn't really change much. (As of now...)


Sans is now energetic and a bit childish. He still loves puns, still makes hotdogs, and can still use shortcuts and Gaster Blasters.


Papyrus isn't lazy, he's just more mature. He doesn't like puns, calling them 'childish'. He still loves spaghetti, and is actually good at making it. Also, he's captain of the Royal Guard.


Undyne is shy, self-loathing and generally nice to others. She is a soldier in the Royal Guard even though she doesn't want to hurt anyone, she does it because she hopes people will like her if they see her as a hero.


Alphys is a confident, bold personality, and has weaponized the amalgamations and treats them like pets. She understands that she has made mistakes, but believes that they were worth it 'in the name of science.'


Mettaton is actually shy. He doesn't like being on television, but he does it anyways because he's afraid of Alphys.


Nothing changes with Asgore at the moment.

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