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PeopleTale is an AU, not to be mistaken for FaxsTale, where anyone can be anyone (except Asgore or Toriel, because my bff is Toriel and I'm Asgore). Note from Dusty: Welcome to this AU, darlings!


This is a WIP because it is a self-insert AU that no one joined, so pretty much Fox's And Faxs's adoptive son/daughter died, causing them to want revenge.


Furryfox84 as Tori

Faxs as Asgore

JuicyLovesMC as Asriel/Flowey

Fusionx963 as Chara

Createsans as sans

GoldenDust66 As Mettaton

kkcantgetitright as Papyrus

ChibiLadyLover as Undyne

MickRunner as Napstablook

FDlleo as Temmie

Kzrockstar as Muffet

ColtenEnsor06 as Alphys

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