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The Shadow of the Wiki has found a Self-Insert AU. Move it to UTAU-Self-Inserts-Aus Wiki or see it be Sliced.
You can check out my other AUs here, and the original PeopleTale here!


As the name suggests, this is a swapped version of PeopleTale.


  • The Player Role - Fusionx963
  • The Empty One Role - FDlleo
  • The Caretaker Role - Faxs
  • The Judge Role - KKcantgetright
  • The Ambitious Role - Createsans
  • The Captain of the Guard Role - ColtenEnsor06
  • The Recluse Role - GoldenDust66
  • The Royal Scientist Role - ChibiLadyLover
  • The Celebrity Role - MickRunner
  • The Monarch Role - Furryfox84
  • The Soulless Angel Role - ???
  • The Fallen Role - ???
  • The Idoliser Role - JuicyLovesMC

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