Pati, is the 1st Fallen Human, Bella's Younger Sister, and, has a Toy Knife and Worn Ribbon as her Weapon/Armor.


The adventurous 5 Year Old went to Mt. Ebbot to see monsters!

A Whimsun greeted her, and, almost killed her by accident. Pati, didn't want to move.

Toriel saved her, and, she was happy.

Pati was with Toriel and a Froggit killed her.


  • Bella - Bella is her older sister by 3 years. They are good friends.
  • Brian - Brian is her crush, and, friend
  • Frisk - Frisk's her friend, from helping them with Omega Flowey's fight.


  • Pati is the 1st Human to fall because you find her armor and weapon 1st
  • They like Brian since he's so brave

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