In a different reality Pastel sans a.k.a Error sans is the creator and protector of AUs just like Ink sans he exists out of timelines to protect/create AUs.At times he does help artists with their creations but if there's something that he doesn't like about the artists idea he will refuse to bring it to life. He is also known to be a team with Dream sans since he has the ability to add happiness and love to those that Pastel creates.Since Ink is not the creator/protector of AUs anymore Pastel has now the opportunity to enter in the Parallel world and make it his home though it looks like he prefers the Omega time line as his home.


Pastel's appearance doesn't really have much of a difference to the classic Error.The difference he has is the t shirt the t shirt has changed to a grey tight sweatshirt having white pull strings at the left hand side and a blue neck and shoulders with a white vertical stripe across the chest area.Hes sweatshirt has pockets and the pockets have one white stripe at each side.


When Error sans was traveling through the universe and thinking of what AU he should destroy next Ink sans jumps in his way and try's to stop Error from continuing any further that's when Error decides to get rid of Ink once and for all. While they were battling a huge explosion happened between them which infected Ink and Error. Error woke up alone in the classic Undertale, at first he was feeling strange but he ignored it, it wasn't until he tried to teleport to the anti-void and discovered he couldn't.Then Error realises that there was something wrong with his magic he was slightly worried about it he felt like his only option was for Alphys to do a check up on him.After he got to the lab and forced Alphys to do the check up the tests turned out to be that Errors magic is not capable of destroying but to create life.Error wasn't really happy when he found out about his results so he try's to kill her. Instead of killing her Errors magic made Alphys look like a strange creature, without a word Error teleports away.He visits Waterfall so he could relax from all of the trouble he has been through but he wasn't alone for long Core frisk visits him to tell him that his abilities have been swapped with Ink's and there may be a possibility that Error could be the new Ink sans since that Ink is known to be missing. At first Error refused to be the new creator/protector of AUs so after trying to get back to his original magic and not succeeding he decides to accept his fate to be the new creator/protector of AUs and be known as Pastel sans.


His sanity has gone a little better but his motives and behaviours are still a mystery.His phobia of being touched has also gone a little better he just doesn't hesitate as much.And if u ask about his colors yup they're still negative.


Just like Ink Pastel is able to create objects and bring them to life but he does it differently he uses his magic to make the object for example the strings are his design the bones are the outline and the Gaster blasters are the color.He also cannot bring anyone back to life but he can recreate them, it's just that the object will have to start its life all over again without having any memories of the past,present and their loved ones.He is known to only use physical attacks and when he does use physical attacks they can damage a lot.


If Pastel uses his magic on someone or something it will not damage them it will either heal them or evolve them that's why he can only use physical attacks.

At random intervals he can glitch up,filling his eye sockets with errors but when it happens it seems that all of his body turns in to different colors like a rainbow luckily, it doesn't happen as often during battle.

Just like the classic Error Pastel cannot clearly see things far away,as he uses glasses a few times he keeps them in his pockets of his sweatshirt.


AUs characters

Not many of the AUs characters seem to like the idea of Pastel being the new creator/protector of AUs.

Underswap sans

They still get along the same way as they use to.

Paper Sans

When he first found out about his abilities have been swapped with Papers he hated Paper and blamed him for the explosion that happened that day but after some time he stops hating Paper that much.

Dream Sans

They don't get along very well but that doesn't stop them from being a team.


Pastel is nearsighted
Likes to crochet
He some times likes to squash bugs
His Haphephobia has gone quite better

(Fatetale made by Franx Dragonflyer)

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