Pastatale is by a user named Askufsans(yes, I know that's me), it is an AU where Creepypasta characters replace Undertale roles. Character replacements such as Jeff as Sans, and Ben as Chara, are well thought-out and written down.

The full role list is here as of now, if there any changes, I'll be sure to update them.

Jeff=Sans Laughing Jack=Papyrus Slenderman=Asgore Ticci Toby=Undyne Jane=Toriel Mr. Widemouth=Flowey Sonic.exe=Mettaton The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo=Alphys Lavender Ghost=Gaster Ben Drowned=Chara Sally Williams=Asriel Tails Doll=Napstablook

The story is that Victims were frightened by the Pastas, and tricked them to go underground, and blocked all exits, so they would stay down. The Proxy, is a big thing in Pastatale. Led by Slenderman, they are the only order for the Pastas, and Slenderman was trying to lead the Pastas out of the underground. The only problem is that Slenderman and Jeff have a long-lasting rivalry that has gone on for too long. Sometimes, Slenderman will send someone from the Proxy to attempt to assassinate Jeff, which never actually happens because Jeff always somehow escapes. Jeff will not refer him as "Jeff the Killer" since he's not just retired from killing, but also to not scare any Victims that he meets. When he meets you, the player. He almost says it, but he stops himself by saying Jeff again. Which comes out as Jeff the Jeff. A hilarious line in my opinion.

Any more questions, just comment and I'll reply as soon as I can. And also remember to follow me on my Soundcloud to hear music for this wonderful AU of mine! And with that, I'll leave a good Pastatale track known as Demilovania.

See you, Undertale fandom!

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