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PassionTale == Author website:

Author: EliyasdaPyromaniac

An AU that's based around after the barrier is broken.

Note: Spoilers for both Undertale and the AU, as the AU has not updated to add in the main plot. Also, this is not a sex porn AU and is acceptable for ages under 18.

Storyline == Frisk has finished a true pacifist route, but with a few differences that even Frisk herself is confused on. Instead of Chara staying with Frisk, he decides to leave Frisk's body, to confront Asriel, and give a vessel so that Asriel can live on. There, Asriel destroys the barrier from the determination he got from Chara, and saves everyone, except for Chara, whose soul is fused with Asriel, allowing Asriel to have a physical body. There, all the previous souls are released, only to go back to their vessels. Their bodies were preserved with magic due to Asgore's order, and therefor not gained their bodies in pristine condition, but also gained a boost in magic power. Determination has unlimited power so it doesn't really matter. 

To be continued...