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ParadoxTale is a moderator AU where Paradox!Sans watches/has control over time and is the physical embodiment of time. He is a pacifist most of the time, just watching others fight but not doing it him self. He'd much rather freeze enemies in time, then leave the area before returning them back to the normal time flow. He visits different AUs to record information about them just in case their history tampered with. This AU was created by Urliester on the Undertale Amino.


Paradox is more observant then other Sans and he is very resoureful. He'll get very annoyed when an AU's timeline is tampered with. He gets very excited when he is able to study the history of an AU. He is a bit of a bookworm.

Extra Personality Traits

  • calm and collected
  • analytical


  • A white top hat, with golden and Neon Blue markings
  • A white trench coat, with golden markings, 6 neon blue gems on the back, a clock in the center of the back, and a collar
  • A white T-Shirt
  • A black belt
  • A pair of black pants
  • A pair of brown dress shoes, with golden markings

Abilities and Equipment

Paradox has a few things in his arsenal that are very useful in dangerous situations.


  • Time Travel
  • Time Slow
  • Time Acceleration
  • Time Stop
  • Personal entry to the Clockwork Palace from anywhere
  • Normal Sans Abilities
  • Next level remembering


  • A cane that can turn into an umbrella
  • Magic card deck
  • His Special Attack
  • Viewing Pocketwatch (allows him to observe AUs from the safety of the Clockwork Palace)

The Clockwork Palace

The Clockwork Palace is a realm that was created to contain the histories of alternate timelines that suddenly started appearing. The Clockwork Palace is shown in the form a never ending castle that grows as time passes, adding new structures related to big event in every AU. Each AU has a room dedicated to it. Paradox has the special abilities to rip of a hole in time to bring forth the gates to this realm. Others may enter this realm too. The palace also has a giagantic library which Paradox updates in his free time.

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